Trees of Life

Inspired by the beautiful trees surrounding UNI FORMs new concept store, artist Annegret Affolderbach is paying homage to the largest man-made forest in the world. With an estimated 10million trees, Johannesburg’s lush canopy is threatened by a deadly beetle infestation and climate change; an urgent call to plant new trees.

In a sensory interaction with clay, water, Earth pigments and tree & wildflower seeds gathered in the streets of Johannesburg, Annegret brought alive a series of Wabi Sabi inspired ephemeral seed vessels in UNI FORMs new concept store window during a live installation wearing a UNI FORM artist coat. ‘Trees Of Life’ are living ecological artworks reminding us of our kinship with the living world.


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the artwork

“Seeds protect and sustain life. Seeds are wealth. They are beauty. They are a symbol of beginnings. They are carriers of aid, of friendship, of good will. Seeds are a source of wonder. They are objects of earnest inquiry in man’s ceaseless search for understanding of living things.” extract from ‘The Importance Of Seeds’, ’Yearbook Of Agriculture’, VICTOR R. BOSWELL.

‘Trees Of Life’ is a site-responsive artwork created by artist Annegret Affolderbach at UNI FORMs concept store, Parktown North, Johannesburg . South Africa // -26.144180031723227, 28.026607 964300823.

‘Trees Of Life’ is series of 10 seed vessels; living ecological artworks made of clay and filled with flower & tree seeds gathered in walking distance to the location. The clay seed vessels have not been fired, intentionally creating tender and ephemeral vessels that are alive like the ecosystem where their ingredients originate.

A selection of the limited edition of 10 artworks are now available in the UNI FORM online shop.


You can keep your ‘Tree of Life’ in its current form of beauty; a sculptural object. It’s stacked pieces are a balancing act and fragile like its ecosystem, which will do well in a dry and calm place not exposed to the elements.

You can grow your ‘Tree Of Life’ by placing it outside exposing it to the elements in a pot with soil or directly on fertile ground. There it will slowly melt back into Earth and grow flowers or a tree replenishing local populations. You will need to be patient for it to emerge. A circular act.

For more in-depth information on how to grow trees from seeds, please feel free to seek out specialist sources.

IMPORTANT Note of Care

‘Trees Of Life’ can be purchased in its entirety, or each vessel as a stand alone. The artworks come with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist & UNI FORM.

The website shows 4 of the artworks.  The other 6 are also available and can be purchased by contacting

Each artwork is filled with local South African seeds meaning this is a plant product. Please be aware that therefore transporting or shipping these seed vessels across borders by law requires special permits.

Please note that we can only ship these artworks within the borders of South Africa, unless the client obtains required permits on their own accord.

& cultural futurist. With wide-reaching
vision for planet and people, her work
awakens us to the unexpected rooted in
our ecologies, cultures and lifestyles. In
responses to landscapes & cultural
elements found within, she weaves
together sensory artworks, experiences
& creative strategies. Her works are
powerful activations that raise
awareness about the interconnectedness
of people and our ecologies reminding
us of our kinship with the living world.

UNI FORM combines the contemporary
with the familiar, drawing references
from its location, Johannesburg, South
Africa and translating that into ultra
contemporary silhouettes.

Modular, trans-seasonal pieces form the
core of the UNI FORM collection which
is rooted in quality and garment
development; elevated classics filtered
through the lens of a new South Africa.

UNI FORM’s ultimate goal is to
transcend outdated notions of what
Africa has to offer, rather push its
design economy to that of any major
fashion capital.